Construction, Design and Management Regulations

After all the momentum, eager anticipation and campaigning it is finally here. No not the general election although the same may apply, the new 2015 Construction Design and Management Regulations are now officially on the statute books. Why were the regulations in need of an overall? Firstly because the EU deemed that the UK had not fully complied with the Temporary or Mobile Construction Sites Directive (TMCSD) as the 2007 version of CDM did not apply in the main to domestic clients. Equally the regulations became swept away with a waft of long and complex pre contract questionnaires in some cases which boar no relation to the complexity of the project and hazards involved. Despite improvements in health and safety in construction their statistics still show of the need for improvement. >5% of employees in Britain work in construction, but the industry accounts for 27% of fatalities >There has been an average of 53 fatal injuries a year over the past 5 years, roughly one death per week These regulations came onto the statute books in April 2015 and completely replace the 2007 regulations. Significant Changes The replacement of the ACoP with targeted guidance and mini ACOP; Removal of the CDM Co-ordinater role Creation of a new role, that of the ‘Principal Designer’; Removal of explicit competence requirements and replacing with a specific requirement for appropriate skills; CDM now applies to domestic clients;