Managing Environmental Responsibilities

Environmental standards are developing rapidly in the UK with more and more regulations covering issues such as waste management, energy efficiency and pollution control. Managing environmental issues is not only a legal necessity but can result in definite improvements and cost savings if implemented successfully. More and more organisations are seeing the benefits and this course is designed to provide the theory and practical skills to assist the organisation in meeting these new and changing demands.

We are able to provide all you need to establish an effective environmental management system, to comply with ISO14001, EMAS or BS8555 or if a less formal but practical system is used to help demonstrate environmental standards are being met to customers, clients, employees and the local community where company’s operate.

Both consultancy and training services can be tailored to meet your exact needs, we aim to establish clear, easy to follow procedures which once up and running can be managed locally.

Our environmental consultancy services include:-

  • Environmental reviews and audits
  • Environmental inspections
  • Development of aspect and impact assessments
  • Development of environmental management systems
  • Advice on setting targets and objectives
  • Development of environmental legal registers
  • Environmental awareness training
  • Environmental communication campaigns
  • Development of environmental emergency procedures
  • Chairing management review meetings
  • Development of environmental action plans
  • Noise monitoring
  • Waste reviews
  • Duty of care audits
  • Employee awareness packages
  • Contractor environmental reviews
  • Advice on legal requirements and best practice


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Environmental consultancy services

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