Have you heard of WRAP?

Just what is WRAP, it is the Waste Action Resources Programme.

Their main aims are to promote and support recycling for both businesses, local authorities and individuals.

WRAP has two main priorities:

To help the UK Governments to meet their national and international commitments and build the green economy; and to support resource efficiency in the UK so that householders, businesses and the public sector save money and make better use of resources.


They do this by providing advice, guidance, research, training and conferences to support the UK’s waste management strategy. To minimise waste utilize resources.

WRAP works closely with the following sectors to help them achieve the benefits of resource efficiency and share best practice: Covering industries as diverse as

Agriculture and landscaping—Discover the benefits of using quality compost to improve soil quality and increase yields.


Construction—Play your part – make real savings on construction projects and help the Construction industry halve waste to landfill by 2012.


Recycling Industry—Waste management contractors, materials recovery facility (MRF) operators, reprocessors and manufacturers using recycled products – sustain your business in tough economic climate.


Retail Supply Chain—Achieve business benefits through using your resources more efficiency and by preventing product and packaging waste.

SME Businesses can cut their costs by becoming more resource efficient. The Rethink Waste initiative can help manufacturers reduce waste and
The Rippleffect initiative can help businesses improve their water efficiency.

Every year, approximately 588,000 – 652,000 tonnes a year of glass packaging goes into the hospitality market. Of this 21% is being recycled. But this could be increased  if more businesses embraced glass recycling

One initiative WRAP has established  is a glass directory where those companies who have waste glass can search for companies who may be able to collect recycle or ruse the material.

Increasing the amount of glass you recycle benefits your business in various ways including saving money and even motivating your staff. Key benefits include:

  • Economic: From April 2008, the landfill tax began increasing annually by £8 per tonne. This has resulted in an average 20% increase in disposal costs for general waste. However, there are no cost increases for recyclable collections. By replacing general waste bins with recycling bins, you can potentially save money and this saving will increase as time goes on.
  • Customer/Sales: Recycling demonstrates to your customers good environmental practice. This may result in increased customer loyalty.
  • Staff: As with consumers, staff are often motivated by a company that looks after them and the world that they live in. Everyone likes to feel that they are part of the solution rather than the problem so asking staff to recycle bottles can result in an improvement in morale and increased company loyalty.
  • Legislation: Environmental legislation is only going to get tougher. Being part of an active recycling scheme helps you comply with existing legislation and puts you in a strong position to respond to future legislative changes.
  • Social Responsibility: Many companies value being seen to be doing the right thing in their community.