Display Screen Equipment (VDU) & Ergonomics

Although defined in 1963 as “the fitting of the task to the man”, ergonomics developed as a co-ordinated subject during World War II. This involved scientists, engineers, psychologists, physiologists and doctors working together to consider the effects of work related tasks on people.

Action then needs to target the ergonomic issues identified, staff should be encouraged to look out for the effects of their work on themselves and give suggestions for improvement.

In the last thirty years manual typewriters have been replaced by computers. Along with the new technology have come new hazards which can, if not controlled, cause injuries to those using computer workstations. All of the hazards are easily identifiable and can be prevented from causing injury.

The Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (as amended) set legal standards for those who use computers for a significant part of their normal daily routine. However, the standards they specify are good practice whether you use the computer for half an hour a day or seven hours a day.

If you do not have a trained competent DSE assessor we are able to complete in depth display screen equipment assessments for users, these take into account individual factors including any pre existing ill health conditions, the work station, work patterns along with checking every workstation meets the requirements of the schedule associated with the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.

Alternatively we can offer in-house assessor courses, run at either your premises or from our training centre in Peterborough for a maximum of 6 delegates. The number of delegates for this type of course is restricted to ensure their is sufficient tutor delegate interactions. Our DSE Assessor courses are highly informative and they include formal presentations as well as practical exercises and an opportunity to carry out a number of DSE assessments on real workstations.

If the house is run in-house we will include company DSE company procedures and use your DSE forms if your have them, alternatively we will provide out template forms which can be used and then copied for future use in the workplace in the future. This course can have a short written assessment at the end to give confirmation that people have not only attended but also understood the main issues.

DSE Assessor – typical course contents

• Course introduction – Aims and objectives
• Introduction to legal issues
• Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992
• Office related hazards and DSE use
• What is a DSE?
• Who is a “user”?
• Possible Injuries
• Factors contributing to injuries and illness
• Minimum standards for equipment
• Workplace issues
• Setting up a workstation
• Practical Workstation assessments
• Recording requirements
• Suitable adjustments
• How users can help themselves
• Course Summary & assessment

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