When did you really look at your car dashboard?

New MOT standards have been introduced since April 2013, these include a range of new checks for vehicles and their safety systems.

One of the items which will now be checked will be if any of the dashboard lights are either not working or if a warning light is showing this could lead to a MOT failure. So ignoring that warning light may no longer be a good idea.

On the health and safety front do you actually know what all the symbols and lights actually mean.

Motorists may be spending over 350 hours on average at the wheel of their vehicle but may not be able to identify the coolant temperature or oil pressure light.

Depending on the age and model of your car you may up to 20 or more symbols or warning lights to review when you start up your car.

Many of the symbols and lights follow the traffic light system, green for safe, amber usually means caution whereas a red light or symbols would be regarded very seriously and the car not driven until the source of the problem is found. Do not be caught out check your car manual for explanations of those obscure symbols and make sure your employees know what the symbols means and know what to do when a warning symbol shows.

Changes to eye sight tests
If you have company drivers driving Group two vehicles including buses and lorries you will from January 2013 have to have an eye sight test every five years regardless of their age. This was only required in the past for those 45 years of age and above. You may need to amend your transport or driving policy if you have people driving commercial vehicles. It is an offence for employees or anyone to fail to wear their glasses (or corrective appliances) if they are required for driving. This could lead to accident, mis reading controls, points on their licenses and a fine of up to £1,000;