A Brand New Assessment for the NEBOSH General certificate

NEBOSH are committed to supporting all their learners to complete their qualifications and continue their learning journey while staying safe during the COVID situation. In response to this, in July they announced a brand-new open book examination that can be taken at home as a replacement for the invigilated paper-based examination NG1 and NGC1 of the National General Certificates. The NGC1 also forms part of the Construction certificate and the Fire certificate.

An open book examination can test the same learning outcomes and assessment criteria as invigilated paper-based examinations. However, unlike a closed book assessment, you can access textbooks and digital resources when completing an open book examination. Open book examinations test your ability to extract and apply relevant knowledge and organise it to address the question asked.

Will I still need to study and revise?

The simple answer is yes! Every assessment in any form is designed to ensure you have met the Unit’s learning outcomes, so you should be as prepared as you would be for any other assessment. You will have the opportunity during the open book examination to look in books and search the web, but this should be supplementary to thorough and robust revision and preparation. Although this is an open book examination, it is important that you still revise and familiarise yourself with your Cambridge Safety notes. You will have 24 hours to complete and submit your answers, and you will be surprised how quickly this time will pass.

The Open Book exam is based around a case study, you will need to read the case study carefully as the questions asked will be on the underpinning knowledge from all the elements of the NG1 (or NGC1) but you also need to relate the answers to the situation given in the case study. In the past there may have been a purely theoretical question on the employer’s duties under the Health and Safety at work Act 1974, now you could get a situation where an accident is outlined, and you would need to explain what particular duties the employer has breached. So, in fact, the new format reflects the real-life situations you may find yourself in.

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