Asbestos Health and Safety: The Dangers and Where to Look

Our latest Take 5 for Health and Safety video focuses on the silent killer that is asbestos. This mineral contains the finest fibres of any material yet discovered, which was originally thought to be a great attribute. Its use in buildings was widespread during the 1950s and 1960s, before it was discovered two decades later how harmful it could be to humans.

Not only can it cause harm, but kill those who are exposed to it on a repeated basis. Many have contracted asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma as a consequence of asbestos exposure. This is without doubt a serious matter, then, and one which any health and safety professional should place high on their list of priorities.

Asbestos has developed a reputation as being a ‘silent’ or ‘hidden’ killer, because its microscopic fibres – the ones which cause damage when they’re inhaled – are usually totally invisible to the naked eye.

The video, clocking in at just over five minutes in length, has been created to bring you up to speed without taking a huge chunk out of your working day – ideal for those studying for Nebosh qualifications or those who’d like a quick refresher.

In the video, Jackie Cambridge’s presentation covers all of the key areas you need to know: the severity of asbestos and its health and safety impact, how people can be exposed to it, the different types, how it can be identified and more.

Asbestos can be found in a number of locations you perhaps wouldn’t expect, even making appearances behind radiators for example; it really can catch you off guard if you’re not prepared.

For a full run-down of asbestos and its health and safety risks, watch our latest Take 5 video, embedded above. Once you’re done with that, why not brush up on some other aspects of health and safety? We have a selection of Take 5 videos on our YouTube channel; subscribe today for free to be notified of new uploads first.

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