Cambridge Safety Awarded Gold Status

NEBOSH have just launched their brand new accreditation scheme for course providers. The new Learning Provider Programme is based on bronze, sliver and gold status, with the status allocated based on the whole learner experience from booking onto a NEBOSH programme to achieving their full qualification.

We are proud to announce that even though we are one of the smaller course providers to run a range of certificate and diploma qualifications we have been awarded GOLD status in recognition of our excellent support for delegates and success rates. Less than 100 providers world wide have been awarded this accolade.

We were also the first course provider to run the brand new NEBOSH Incident Investigation Course, where we achieved a 100% pass rate. We support NEBOSH’s Learner principles, after all they should be at the centre of everything we provide. Our status as a gold provider is recognition that we greatly exceed the basic requirements.

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The Gold Award


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