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Dynamic Risk Assessment

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Jackie Cambridge from Cambridge Safety gives a whistle-stop tour around the essentials of dynamic risk assessments. These are used as a tool for employers to support the risk assessments completed under the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations.

They are completed on site to enable unique and changing risks to be effectively identified and managed.

Developed by the emergency services, this risk assessment is designed for Instant judgements that allow you to respond to changing conditions and minimise or eliminate the risk of a hazard.

Similar to crossing the road, it involves responding to an environment in real time and adjusting your behaviour accordingly to keep yourself and other people safe.

What is a Dynamic Risk Assessment?

  • On the spot risk assessment undertaken for spontaneous incidents
  • Consideration of the health, safety and wellbeing of yourself, your colleagues and other persons
  • Considerations of any actions that need to be undertaken
  • Balance whether the risks are proportional to the benefits
  • Take actions in the safest way possible

Not having a dynamic risk assessment in place can lead to a hefty fine should someone be injured as a result of a possible risk not being identified.

Dynamic risk assessments not only help to keep your staff safe, they also help you meet your Health and Safety at Work obligations.

Check back next month for yet another Take 5 for Health and Safety video designed to sum up a key element of health and safety in the workplace, or take a look at our Nebosh Qualifications to progress your skills and learning.

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