Fire Safety Bill Making Progress

Members of the Lords begin further examination of the Building Safety Bill in report stage, on Tuesday 29 March 2022, so the Bill is making steady but slow progress since it was proposed in 2021.

The Building Safety Bill aims to reform the safety system for residential properties by appointing a Building Safety Regulator, giving a greater voice to residents, driving industry change and creating a national framework for increased oversight.

Detailed scrutiny via the report stageis an extra chance for members to closely scrutinise elements of the bill and make changes.

The amendments cover a range of subjects, including:

  • powers and role of the building safety regulator
  • ensuring the safety of disabled people in or about higher-risk buildings
  • responsibilities of local authorities
  • accountability of directors of a resident management company service charge costs incurred in respect of building safety measures.

Once passed the Bill will become an Act. This piece of legislation will take forward reforms to the building and fire safety system. It aims to create a more stringent regime for “higher-risk residential buildings”.

Significant changes are:

The introduction of duty holders who will have accountability and statutory responsibilities for managing risks across the design, construction and occupation of buildings on an ongoing basis.

Gateway points (stop/go decision points) which will provoke rigorous inspection of regulatory requirements to help ensure building safety risks are considered during planning, design and construction.

The requirement for a “golden thread” of building information, stored and updated through the Gateway process and throughout the building’s lifecycle.

Mandatory reporting to the new Building Safety Regulator of fire and structural safety occurrences that could cause a significant risk to life.

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