Home Is Where The Hazard Is

Home Is Where The Hazard Is

Children under the age of 5 are at the greatest risk so remember lots of those hazards may not present a risk to you and me, but to a child this could be a completely different story – one without a happy ending.

From an adult perspective, those over 75yrs are at greatest risk of a home related accident, with the risk of falling increasing with age.

Boys tend to have more accidents than girls, but more women over the age of 75 die than men.

Think of your home, which room do you think is the most dangerous?

  • No, not the kitchen with the cooker, hot surfaces, sharp knives etc
  • No, not the bathroom with the hot water and wet floor
  • No, not the bedroom with the risk of falling out of bed
  • No, not the loft where you can impact your head, get stung by the wasps you disturb in their nest or fall through the fragile ceiling
  • No, not the garden with the uneven pathway, overhead trees or pond
  • No, not the shed or garage where you are using those power tools

Wait for it…

In the UK, the room where the largest number of accidents happen is the living room or lounge.

If you need help understanding how to improve the safety of your home, you can read our other blogs or contact our team at Cambridge Safety for more information.

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