How Safe Is It At The HSE?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) enforce health and safety law in workplaces under their jurisdiction. Potentially prosecuting in cases of serious breaches of H&S legal standards. There does not have to be an accident or injury for a prosecution under the criminal justice systems, a breach of law is required, but there may have been an injury which prompted the HSE to investigate the site or activity.

The HSE is an employer and owes the same statutory duties to their employees as other employers. In the last five years, the HSE reported 218 accidents to their staff. 57 accidents involved their employees needing to have medical treatment. The biggest cause of accidents reported in the last year were slips, trips and falls, with 21 accidents out of the 59 total over that year.

Accidents occurred in HSE offices, but also involved their inspectors whilst out on site. Managing to injure an inspector whilst out on your site in not the best way to establish a good working relationship.

The HSE issued 7000 enforcement notices in the last twelve months up to April 2020. There were 336 successful prosecutions with fines of over £1 million for 7 high risk organisations.

HSE Graph

There have been 7 prosecutions resulting in fines of over £1 million and 54 HSE prosecutions resulting in custodial or community services/rehabilitation orders.

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