Learning The Lessons From Real Incidents

Learning the lessons from real incidents

Vibratory roller driver crushed by reversing tipper lorry

Reversing is dangerous and should be eliminated as far as reasonably practicable or controlled to prevent danger. The driver of a vibratory roller was crushed to death under the rear wheels of a reversing tipper lorry on a road construction project.

The work involved tipping the fine aggregate onto the road, levelling it with a bulldozer and rolling with a vibratory compactor roller.

The principle contractor had instituted procedures stipulating that signallers should control all reversing movements on site. However, the procedures broke down during later stages of the work when the site became more cramped. This restricted the space available for lorry movements, forcing delivery lorries to do three-point turns and reverse to tip materials.

The accident happened when two lorries arrived on site and reversed into the tipping area, without a signaller. One lorry completed tipping and bean to leave the site. As the second lorry driver began to reverse the vehicle, he struck the roller driver, who was walking back to his parked roller.

Remedial Action:

  • Provide and maintain an adequate turning area for vehicles throughout the project.
  • Eliminate reversing so far as reasonably practicable.
  • Establish safe systems of work where reversing cannot be eliminated, and make sure they are followed at all times.
  • Inform all visiting drivers about the site rules.
  • Make sure all lorries have adequate visibility aids, reversing alarms, or flashing warning lights before allowing them on site

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