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NEBOSH have been committed to supporting all their learners to complete their qualifications and continue their learning journey while staying safe during the COVID situation. In response to this in July 2020 they announced a brand-new open book examination that could be taken at home as a replacement for an invigilated paper-based examination. The initial open book exam was for the NG1 and NGC1 of the National General Certificates which is the most popular H&S qualification in the UK. Since the trials of this new exam have proved successful now all certificate level qualifications have been completely revised and relaunched including the general H&S, construction, environment and fire have a new case study-based examination.

An open book examination can test the same learning outcomes and assessment criteria as invigilated paper-based examinations. However, unlike a closed book assessment, learners can access course handouts, textbooks and digital resources when completing their open book examination. This is because open book examinations test their ability to extract and apply relevant knowledge and organise it to address the question asked. Copying and pasting from notes, guidance notes or the web will not answer the questions or get the delegate a pass.

The open book exams are normally based around a quite lengthy case study, this might involve a specific workplace and situation. From here a number of tasks must be completed using the underpinning knowledge from the relevant syllabus but using information from the case study.

Will students still need to study and revise?

The simple answer is yes! Every assessment in any form is designed to ensure students have a good understanding of all the qualification syllabus and meet the relevant learning outcomes. Students must therefore do just as much study prior to taking their assessments. It is important that students are as prepared as they would have been for any of the traditional 2-hour classroom examinations.

We at Cambridge Safety will provide you as much support as we can which will include questions to review your knowledge and example case studies so they become familiar with the new format. For those who have complained in the past that exams where too much based on theory the new style assessment gives real life situations for student to show how they can apply their knowledge just as they would in the workplace.

Although these are now open book examinations, it is important that students still revise and familiarise themselves with their Cambridge Safety notes.

Depending on your chosen qualification the exams may be available for 24 or 48 hours but this does not mean students will be spending this amount of time on them. Student should expect to work on these for between 4 and 8 hours in this period. Completed answers must be uploaded before the end of the submission period. By uploading student are certifying that what they have submitted is their own work entirely, all assessments are checked against the web and all other submissions so if there has been any copying or plagiarism this will be detected which will impact on results which will be voided.

Open Book exams are based around a case study, it is really important to read the case study carefully as the questions asked will be on the underpinning knowledge from all of the elements of the relevant qualification. For instance, the NG1 (or NGC1) which covers H&S law and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. In the past with the traditional exam there may have been a purely theoretical question on the employer’s duties under the Health and Safety at work Act 1974. With the new case study based approach there could be a detailed situation described where an accident in outlined, with a task to explain what particular duties the employer has breached, using specific information from the case study to support the answer. So, in fact the new format reflects the real-life situations employees may find themselves in.

There are a range of procedures in place to ensure the integrity of this type of examination, one of these is an interview which must be completed or else student’s results will be withheld. After taken the open book exam students must also undertake a face-to-face interview where they will be asked questions about their answers to ensure all the information, they submitted was their own work.

Never fear if you study with us, whether via a taught course or via distance or eLearning we will provide you with all the support and guidance you need to help you achieve your Nebosh Certificate qualification. Even through the new style assessments have been brought in as a direct result of the COVID situation, the new style assessments are here to stay and are now an integral part of study.

If you are currently studying with us all our course support material has been updated to ensure it meets the new requirements’ out. If you have taken the Nebosh general, fire, construction or environmental certificate prior to 2020 and have not yet completed your qualification, remember you have a limited time until they are phased out. Contact us for availability and details of exam arrangements. You normally have a five year period to complete your qualification.

For further details, contact us today.

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