Nebosh Launch Brand New H&S Diploma for H&S Professionals

The NEBOSH National Diploma is the flagship of NEBOSH qualification and, when launched in 1988, was the first UK vocational qualification to be developed specifically for health and safety professionals. The National Diploma is recognised and reliable and over 13,200 learners have achieved the qualification since its introduction. We have updated our course and from September 2021 will be running this brand new qualification.

This is an intensive yet informative and enjoyable course which is run over 30 tutorial days plus up to 11 days to complete the three new style assessments. The course is run on a day release basis to allow delegates to manage the course around their work commitments. The 30 day total of tutorials is divided between three main course units, ND1 covering the law and management of H&S, ND2 workplace health issues including chemicals, noise and vibration and the ND3 which focuses in workplace safety issues including fire, explosions, machinery and workplace issues. There are additional dates included to enable you to complete the three assessments which are now in the format of an assignment and two case studies. We run one full programme a year and you can start with any of the Units.

When you decide to start your course of study, you can book on each unit one at a time or you can book our flexi course. Course assessments are at set dates each year and when you book and are studying we will let you know assessment submission dates to enable us and you to plan your study. When you register for the Diploma with us and Nebosh you have a 5 year period to complete your diploma, which allows for breaks of study to be taken for personal or work reasons. If you want to discuss flexible options please contact us so you can discuss your needs with one of our course tutors who will be able to offer advice on the possible options to meet your needs and those of the qualification. Whatever you choose we are here to support you all the way to the completion of the qualification.

The course is highly participative with tutor presentations supported by the use of practical exercises, syndicate work, video and feedback sessions. Additional online resources, podcases and access to a library of videos giving full presentations is also provided so if you want to recap or review a session again you can do so at any time.

The Diploma can form the basis of a professional qualification for health and safety practitioners. Along with relevant experience, successful completion can lead to Chartered Membership of the Institution of Occupational
Safety and Health (IOSH). The Diploma has been re designed to provide knowledge and understanding to aid the development of competency in the field of occupational safety and health. Relevant to any H&S professional whatever industry or sector they work in.

The NEBOSH National Diploma is the qualification for aspiring health and safety professionals, building directly upon the foundations of knowledge provided by the NEBOSH National General Certificate. It is designed to provide learned with the knowledge and understanding required for undertaking a career as a health and safety professional and it also provides a sound basis for progression to postgraduate study. So you will need to have completed the Nebosh General Certificate or an equivalent level 3 H&S qualification to ensure you have the under pinning knowledge to embark on your diploma course of study as it will not be covering material already covered at Certificate level.

The qualification deliberately looks at general workplace issues so that it can be applied in many different sectors in which health and safety professionals may work. Health and safety practitioners, advisers and officers who wish to develop their knowledge and skills. Delegates must have either completed the Nebosh Certificate or a similar level three H&S qualification to be eligible for this programme.

Once you have completed your study and the assessments you will be able to:

  • Understand how health and safety legislation is applied in a workplace and the possible enforcement actions that could be take for non-compliance and how they contribute to health and safety legislation.
  • Use different types of health and safety leadership approaches and be able to influence health and safety issues at all levels.
  • Influence organisational health and safety workplace culture.
  • Proactively manage health and safety, taking account of human failures and factors.
  • Manage health and safety competence (both their own and that of the organisation).
  • Use a range of hazard identification, risk management and loss causation techniques.
  • Monitor health and safety performance.
  • Develop their role as a health and safety professional including understanding how it links with Corporate Social Responsibility. Effectively manage organisational change. Manage contractors and supply chains
  • Control a range of workplace health and well-being issues.
  • Control a range of workplace safety issues.

Flexible Study

We run one course a year with but you can start studying with any of the three units. Equally you can take a gap at no cost and just restart with the next course unit when the next available start date becomes available.

What Course Study Resources Will I Be Provided With?

For each of the course elements you will be provided with comprehensive handouts, one per learning outcome, key points summaries, end of element reviews, podcasts, YouTube videos and example assessment questions. In addition extra online resources are provided along with access to our on site library.

Nebosh announce the assessment dates approximately a year in advance so as soon as these are published we are able to set your final course dates. There are three assessments to be taken and passed, these are the Unit ND1: Assignment which includes a workplace based project, plus Unit ND2: Case Study & Unit ND3: which are based on case studies.

Part of the Unit ND1 assessment will require you to undertake some workplace-based activities. You will, therefore, need to ensure that you have a suitable workplace to base your assessment on The workplace does not have to be your own; it just needs to be suitable. The selected workplace should provide sufficient scope to carry out a range of activities.

As well as tackling the extensive syllabus and standards set by Nebosh, the course will also give assistance and practical guidance on the assignment and case studies, with practice and examples being completed as an integral part of your course programme.

In addition, assessment questions will be completed within the tutorials along with various case studies. Written work will be completed to ensure delegates are able to demonstrate their effective assessment answering technique, with questions marked by real Nebosh examiners to ensure the feedback given is valid and assist in any improvements required.

Why Study With Cambridge Safety?

We have a proven track record in quality training with the success of our Nebosh General Certificate, Construction Certificate, Environmental Certificate, National Diploma and Environmental Diploma courses. Equally, we try to ensure that learning is an enjoyable experience. Unlike many centres we use our own employees and do not rely on high numbers of external tutors. This ensures the message given throughout the course is consistent and the courses run as seamless programmes, not a set of unrelated training days. We produce our own study material to ensure the handouts truly support the tutorials provided and are kept up to date.

Interested in this new qualification? Then contact us today or visit our website to download the brochure.

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