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Using Technology to Protect Lone Workers

Lone working is increasing. With the changes to working patterns, high demands and low resources, and the reduction of office space due to smart working, more and more of us are working alone. The Office of National Statistics estimates that … Read More

Are Your Employees Using Sat Navs In Company Vehicles?

Do They Need Instruction and Information? When used appropriately, a voice-based satellite navigation device (sat nav) can assist drivers by planning routes and avoiding the use of paper maps or handwritten directions. It can also prevent drivers from hesitating when … Read More

Thank You To Cambridge Safety

What does a Charity do when a pandemic strikes and suddenly fundraising stops. I am on the committee of The Friends of the Princess Royal University Hospital in Farnborough Kent, and we help raise funds to buy things for the … Read More

We Look Forward To Welcoming You Back

The last year have been a challenge to all of us, with the impact of the COVID outbreak visible in all aspects of everyday life. With social distancing, shielding the mandatory closing of shops, pubs and restaurants. As we all … Read More

Lead Fumes Lead To Prosecution

Lead is a metal used in batteries, as a pigment, an additive in petrol and as a building material. Lead can be inorganic e.g. in lead/acid batteries and organic e.g. additive in petrol. Inorganic leads can be inhaled as a … Read More

When Might The Criminal Courts Award Compensation?

  For all of you who have studied with us you know that we spend time trying to clarify the interactions between statute, criminal, common and civil law. Common and statute both being sources of the law whereas criminal and … Read More

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