Suitable and Sufficient Risk Assessment: A How-To Guide

There are risk assessments, and then there are suitable and sufficient risk assessments. You’ll of course want to carry out the latter, which is what we discuss in our latest Take 5 Minutes health and safety YouTube video.

Our Take 5 Minutes series has been created to bring you up to speed with key aspects of health and safety – or refresh your memory – without significantly eating into your working day. We strip each subject back to its fundamentals, telling you all of the crucial things you need to know in around five minutes.

Hosted by Jackie Cambridge, this week’s presentation describes how to carry out a risk assessment that’s adequate and well-suited to a given situation.

Beginning with a recap of the history of health and safety legal framework, Jackie then begins to address the phrase ‘suitable and sufficient.’ Not simply a wishy-washy term, this separates risk assessments that are fit for purpose from ones that aren’t.

Regulation 3 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations require ‘suitable and sufficient’ assessment – and Jackie runs through precisely what this means in practice in the Take 5 video, embedded above.

She also provides a handy, step-by-step framework for conducting risk assessments, allowing you to quickly get up to speed on what’s required from start to finish, as well as covering the Health and Safety Executive’s ‘five steps to risk assessment.’

Whether you’re studying for Nebosh qualifications or would simply like a quick refresher, our Take 5 Minutes videos are the perfect solution. Once you’re up to speed with risk assessments, browse our YouTube channel< to discover more bitesize videos covering a wide array of topics. You can subscribe to our channel for free to be notified of any future uploads, too, making it easy to regularly refresh your health and safety knowledge.

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