Taught Courses Now Via Zoom During Lockdown

We are still running a majority of our taught NEBOSH certificate and diploma tutorials but due to the restrictions we have converted these to Zoom sessions.

You still have the benefit of live tutorials and break out exercises with other students. Plus additionally you have a number of resources available at any time to watch, listen and work through to en- sure you have a good understanding of the key underpinning knowledge for your chosen qualification. When we converted to Zoom last year during the first lockdown this did not effect our excellent pass rates so you are in safe hands.

Consider your study options

Qualification Live tutorials in the
classroom or Via
eLearning Distance Learning
Nebosh General Certificate (10 days) February 24th to 28th
April 2021 One day a
Yes Yes
April 15 to June 9th
One day a week
Yes Yes
Nebosh Construction
certificate (14 days)
April 13th Yes Yes
Nebosh Fire certificate (5 days) Feb 17th Yes Yes
Nebosh Environmental Certificate Yes Yes
Nebosh H&S Diploma September 8th No Yes

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