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The well-being of employees should be a top priority for organisations for success. No matter if you are running a small business organisation or own a mega enterprise, the probability of risks remains the same for all. Health and Safety Consultants can help you keep your workforce out of dangers to ensure employees wellness and the overall reputation of the organisation. 

To be the premier of health and safety in the business sector, organisations must show dedication towards maintaining a harmless environment for work. It can be done by acquiring the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register services. At Cambridge Safety, we aim at ensuring comprehensive information and guidance regarding workplace health and safety measures.

Contact us for details of our Health and Safety Consultants offer comprehensive services which include the provision of:

  • Health & Safety Policies
  • Staff Handbooks
  • Risk Assessments (general & specific)
  • Fire Risk Assessments to comply with the Regulatory Fire Reform Order
  • Inspections
  • Audits & Reviews
  • Development of safety questionnaires and surveys for monitoring workforce attitudes and awareness
  • Machinery risk assessments
  • Noise Surveys - analysis of workplace issues, work equipment and work processes that expose employees to potentially harmful levels of noise. Personal and area surveys are available
  • Development of safe systems and work procedures
  • Ongoing consultancy services
  • Fire marshall and fire warden training
  • Development of environmental management systems leading to ISO 14001 accreditation
  • Completion of Environmental Impact and Aspect Assessments

Our certified OSHCR consultants ensure that reports and assessments are designed to be user-friendly, easily updated and reviewed internally in the future with little additional external expertise.

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