Exam And Assessment Booking Terms And Conditions

Exam and assessment booking

Delegates will be required to additionally complete a Nebosh Assessment Registration form which will require personal details including full name, DOB, Home address and a personal email address to be provided. This will be provided on receipt of your online booking form.

You will need to also provide evidence of your identity e.g. passport or driving license if this has not previously been provided.

On booking an invoice will be raised, payment is due by the Nebosh Payment cut off date provided on the invoice. Prompt payment would be appreciated, as a small business we are entitled to claim interest on late payments under The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act.

Delegates can only be registered with Nebosh if we have received payment and the completed exam form by the date provided. If payment has not been received by this date, Cambridge Safety will be unable to register the delegate for the examination and the delegate will be unable to sit the examination for the above date.

Once the delegate has been registered with Nebosh refunds and cancellations are not possible. If the delegate is ill or has special reasons for not be able to take the assessment they have selected, they can contact Nebosh and provide evidence which may lead to a partial refund but this only occurs in limited circumstances.

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