General Certificate FAQs

The Nebosh General Certificate is the most popular Nebosh course, take a look at a few of our FAQs below, or download our Certificate FAQ brochure, and book online today.

The General certificate can be studied by joining our taught course in Peterborough or via distance learning or E-learning.

The best option is to join a taught course where you get the benefit of tutorials which bring alive with practical examples all of the elements of the qualification. Presentations, digital media, exercises and case studies are used to enhance your learning experience. We run our courses on a day release basis to allow you plan your study around your work and home commitments.

For those unable to commit to the taught course you have distance and E-learning options. 

The distance learning option is for those of you who are happy to study on your own, a hardcopy full course package is provided plus additional online resources, podcasts which can be streamed to your smart phone or tablet, self-marked assessments and tutor marked assessments to be completed and sent to us for marking and feedback. Support is provided by telephone and email.   

E-learning provides the same tutor support as distance learning, but all of the course material and resources are via our e-learning website.  This option is more interactive with quizzes to complete as you progress through each element.  You do have the option to purchase a hardcopy version of the study materials if required.

This is a standalone qualification so all elements must be studied and both the NG1 exam and NG2 risk assessment must be completed and passed to achieve this qualification. However if you have knowledge of any aspect of H&S on the syllabus this may help you when you study – but remember it is important to cover topics covered in the syllabus as these may not be the same as you have studied in other qualifications or courses.

To achieve the current Nebosh General Certificate you have to pass two assessments. The NG1 which is in the form of an open book exam which assesses your knowledge and understanding of elements 1 to 4 of the qualification which cover H&S management. The second assessment is the NG2 which assesses the H&S management elements along with elements 5 to 11 which cover a wide range of typical workplace hazards. This involves you completing a risk assessment of a real workplace and developing a justified action plan to deal with the risks identified.

However you study with us you will have access to all the study resources you need, these are up to date and written to cover the syllabus specifically. Additional podcasts, videos and H&S guidance documents are also provided to support your studies. We advise you to stick to our material as we can guarantee it covers the under-pinning knowledge you need.

The open book exam which assesses your knowledge and understanding of the principles of H&S management which can be applied to any workplace. The open book exam was introduced in 2020 as a result of the COVID situation. The exam is taken on a set day but in a safe and secure location of your choosing. It is marked out of 100 marks involves a case study and a number of questions on the syllabus material but into how they would apply to the case study. Students need to know the underpinning knowledge from the syllabus but also have to apply it to the unique situation provided. Students also have a face to face video interview after the exam to demonstrate that all work they submitted was their own.

Results are issued by email by Nebosh within 50 working days. We at Cambridge Safety do not get your results any earlier. We and Nebosh are not able to give results over the phone. You will receive your results by email, so please ensure we have an up to date email for you to avoid a delay in receiving your results.

These are issued by Nebosh within 50 working days of your final unit pass. The certificates are sent to us as your course provider and we send these out as soon as we can to you. Certificates are sent out to your home address by Royal Mail Signed For.

Everyone is disappointed when they do not pass an exam or assessment but you have a 5-year period to pass all course elements and we will work with you to with advice on study, revision sessions, practice questions and exam guidance to help you succeed. There are a number of exam dates each year and we will let you know the next available date.

Construction Certificate FAQs

The Nebosh Construction Certificate is for those looking for a broad awareness of health and safety issues within the construction industry.  Read a few of our FAQs below or download our Certificate FAQs brochure, and book online today.

An updated syllabus for the Construction Certificate was launched in March 2021.  There is one unit to pass, called NC1, which is assessed by an Open Book Exam, accessed online at home,  access is for 48 hours and you are expected to take 2 days to complete the assessment.

We offer this course as a classroom course at our training centre, but for those of you unable to attend the tutorials you have the options of distance or E-learning.

Nebosh have updated all of the Health and Safety Certificate qualifications and removed the NGC1 "common unit". The new Construction Certificate now only consists of one unit - NC1 - this does include three elements on the management of health and safety - but is based around CDM 2015 and is construction specific.

The new Construction Certificate syllabus only consists of one unit, NC1, so you will need to study the full course and take the Open Book Exam to gain this qualification.

Your results will be emailed to you within 50 working days of taking your exam or assessment.

These are issued by Nebosh within 50 working days of your final unit pass. The certificates are sent to us as your course provider via Royal Mail Signed For.

Contact us to discuss your options and how we can help you direct your study where it is needed with practice questions and reviews. There is a 5-year period to achieve your qualification.

NEBOSH National Diploma For Health and Safety Management Professionals FAQs

The NEBOSH National Diploma For Health and Safety Management Professionals is a highly sort after qualification that trains delegates to apply key legislation along with health and safety practices in any work environment. First introduced in 1980, it has since become the most popular qualification of its kind. The syllabus was updated in 2021.

You can read our Open Learning FAQ Brochure for NEBOSH National Diploma For Health and Safety Management Professionals.

NEBOSH Environmental Diploma FAQs

The NEBOSH Environmental Diploma course helps organisations reduce their environmental impact, highlight activities which are at risk of causing environmental damage, increase their "eco-friendly" branding, plus avoid legal issues such as litigation, prosecution and other issues due to mismanagement of the environment. You can read our Open Learning FAQs or enrol in the course today.

NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management FAQs

The NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management is internationally recognised and an integral part in ensuring ecologically friendly methods of production are employed by the business sector. With the standards ever changing in the UK with environmental focus increasing, this certificate is a must and provides information on key areas such as waste management, pollution and energy efficient businesses. Download our Certificate FAQs brochure, and book your course today.

NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Award FAQs

The NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Award introduces the applicant to Environmental Management within the workplace and instils the principals of environmental management along with specific environmental issues such as noise pollution, business waste, energy efficiency and much more. Because environmental legislation is ever changing it requires businesses to work together to ensure they comply with the laws and avoid fines or prosecution. You can read our environmental awareness FAQs below or sign up for the course today.

NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate FAQs

The NEBOSH Fire Safety Certificate was first introduced in March 2021 and focuses primarily on fire safety. The course contains two assessments: the 1st is an open book exam which is taken online at your home with the 2nd being a fire risk assessment practical. This certificate allows you to assist your organisation in managing and assessing fire risks and meet the essential fire safety regulations. Download our Certificate FAQs brochure, and you can book the course today.

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