Nebosh Diploma Open Learning

We are able to offer our Nebosh H&S Diploma as an Open Learning programme, however remember this is a Diploma level qualification which requires in depth analysis of the topics studied along with extensive research of the course materials provided and external information sources. Our NEBOSH course is supported by extensive course materials, self marked assessments, tutor marked assessments and a resource library on memory stick along with access to our online resource library. You will need to be highly motivated and have the ability to plan your study route. You will be given the opportunity to take your exams and attend optional revision sessions at our Peterborough, Cambridgeshire venue. Alternatively exams can be taken at other Nebosh centres that have arrangements to accept external candidates.

We offer two Open Learning Packages. Both contain the same content (as detailed below) and all Nebosh fees, however one package includes revision sessions for each Unit prior to the exam dates and the other package does not include revision sessions.

Comprehensive course materials include four handout manuals, two for Unit A and one each for Units B & C respectively. These are fully indexed and cover the entire scope of each element of the course, starting with the element’s learning objectives. Our handouts are reviewed every six months to ensure they are current and cover the full range of issues within the syllabus can reflect best practice.

Student Assessments

A number of self marked assessments and tutor marked assessments (TMA) are provided for each course Unit, TMA by email, via our web site, fax or by post. Support is available daily via telephone, email and online queries.

Revision Tutorials will be available for all three examinations, these will cover the key definitions and terms from each of the relevant elements, short presentations summarising key issues, study techniques, the completion of example exam type questions and the completion of a mock exam.

Additionally if you wish to attend tutorials on specific topics these can be booked at a daily rate. This option gives you the flexibility of private study along with tutorial and group support if required. Once study commences details of relevant topics and dates will be provided. These must be booked at least one month prior to each session.

Resources provided:

  • Indexed handouts for each course element
  • Study techniques guide
  • Examination techniques guide
  • Key H&S abbreviations
  • H&S Definitions and key terms
  • Guidance on completing Unit DNI Work based project and optional free unit DNI workshop held at Cambridge Safety
  • A hard copy and electronic copy of a range of twenty H&S useful forms e.g. general risk assessment, COSHH assessment, accident investigation, PTW examples.
  • Online resources including an extensive series of podcasts
  • Memory stick of all HSE and other resources to supplement each course element
  • Major Disaster Review – a comprehensive handout not only detailing all the real life situations referred to in the syllabus but also a range of other UK and international events which have influenced our approach to managing risks
  • Bi monthly SafetyNet newsletter showing recent case law, prosecutions and articles on health, safety and environmental issues.

The following learning hours are only an approximate guide, some delegates will take a shorter/longer amount of time and additional revision time prior to the exams should be allocated.

Unit A Managing Health and Safety - 188 hours
Unit B Hazardous Substances and Agents - 115 hours
Unit C Workplace and Work Equipment Safety - 120 hours
Unit DNI Application of health and safety management in the workplace 77 hours

Total for all four units – 500 hours

  With Revision Session (s) Without Revision
Full Course (Units A, B, C, DNI) £2492.00 all inc
(£1750 + vat + £392* Nebosh fees)
£2312.00 all inc
(£1600 + vat + £392* Nebosh fees)
Unit By Unit Price
Enrolment Fee (to be added to the first unit booked) £60.00 no vat £60.00 no vat
Unit A only £1163.00 all inc
(£900 + vat + £83 Nebosh fee)
£1013.00 all inc
(£775 + vat + £83* Nebosh fee)
Unit B only £743.00 all inc
(£550 + vat + £83* Nebosh fee)
£653.00 all inc
(£475 + vat + £83* Nebosh fee)
Unit C only £743.00 all inc
(£550 + vat + £83* Nebosh fee)
£653.00 all inc
(£475 + vat + £83* Nebosh fee)
Unit DNI (only available for students studying with Cambridge Safety) £203.00 all inc workshop and tutor support

(£100 + vat + £83* Nebosh fee)

£143.00 all inc tutor support only

(£50 + vat + £83* Nebosh fee)

*no vat

If you are already enrolled with a different course provider, a transfer fee of £25.00 no vat will be due with the first unit booked.

Once payment has been received, the study package will be sent by recorded delivery.

Optional Tutorials, Revision and Exam Preparation Sessions

Additional tutorial days on specific topics, for a maximum of 4 days per unit, are available, places permitting. Please ask for our current course agenda for dates and topics.

Revision tutorials are run prior to the examinations, these aim to cover a range of issues from the relevant syllabus, focus on examination techniques and give candidates an opportunity to do a variety of practice examination type questions. It also enables delegates to clarify any points from the syllabus which they are unsure about. Time permitting a mock assessment or examination is also used to prepare candidates for their formal examinations.

Sitting the Examinations

Study may commence at any time and you have the flexibility of choosing when to sit your examinations. However please note that to enter for any Nebosh exam or assessment, exam registration must be made approximately 10 weeks before the examination date, for example if the exam date is the 10th of July, candidates must register with their examination centre by the 15th of May. Details of the exam dates and registration dates are provided once you have booked on, or if you have a specific exam date in mind please contact us to confirm when you will need to be registered. Exams for diploma level qualifications are available twice a year, every January and July. We shall contact you if you have not made contact with us regarding your study for a period of 6 months.

Unit DNI - Four submission dates are held every year in February, May, August and November and you need to be registered for the submission. We shall email you with the registration forms for one year after you have sat Units A, B and C, if you have not submitted by then you will need to contact us when you are ready to submit and we can advise you of the next registration date.

If you wish to sit your exams with Cambridge Safety, email with the exam date you wish to sit, and we will confirm availability and send you an exam registration form.

If you are unable to sit your exams at Cambridge Safety, some other centres may accept external delegates. You will need to contact the centre for their approval and ourselves to make the necessary arrangements.


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“Thank you for your time and effort over the past few months. Your experience, materials, fantastic facilities and all the small touches I feel really made the course both educational and enjoyable.”

- Steve


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