Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 Workshop


The CDM Regulations have changed, replacing CDM 2007 Regulations in their entirety.

Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 are now the back bone of Health and Safety in the Construction industry. These regulations removed and replaced the CDM Coordinator role, have expanded CDM to cover all construction related work whether large or small in nature.

The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive review of the current requirements outlining the role of those with responsibilities including the client, principal designer and principal contractor. This will ensure that delegates are well equipped to make the necessary changes to their operating procedures to ensure compliance with the regulations and to follow best practice in the field.

Who should attend?

Clients, health and safety advisers, estates and facilities managers and project managers who implement construction or maintenance projects.


Delegates should have an understanding of the effects of the new requirements to ensure construction projects are effectively managed from a health and safety perspective.

Course content

  • Why the new regulations were introduced
  • The scope of construction work
  • Work on structures and how these are defined
  • The main responsibilities of the key players: Including the client, principal designer, principal contractor, contractor and designers
  • How the regulations effect domestic clients
  • The role of the pre-construction information
  • The role and contents of the construction phase plan
  • Developing a project H&S file
  • Checking competence levels

The course includes formal presentations as well as several practical exercises which are used to put a practical slant on the subject.

Our tutors are practicing health and safety practitioners and as such are able to bring the subject alive with up to date practical examples of both good and bad practice to focus delegates on the action they can take to contribute to the safety of their organisation.

Full handouts and a supply of any updated HSE resources will be provided to support the workshop.

If you have sufficient numbers of delegates this programme can be run in-house on your premises or at our Peterborough training base.

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