In-House Display Screen Equipment Training

With our in-house DSE assessor courses, you can train your staff without leaving the premises.

Why take a Display Screen Equipment course?

The Display Screen Equipment Course is essential for anyone that works in human resources or manages a team of office-based workers. This assessment considers the effects of work-related tasks on people’s bodies. It examines both visual display units (VDU) and ergonomics equipment to ensure they are being used correctly and to protect the health and safety of employees.

Factoring this into your overall business management is not just about ticking the corporate health and safety boxes, it’s also a great way to minimise the risk of absence due to a poor work set-up. From a bad back to a stiff neck, these are all common complaints in the office. By addressing poor posture habits and making sure your team is equipped with the correct ergonomic equipment, you should have a healthier, happier workforce.

Essentially, the DSE assessment allows you to target common problems employees face in the office when working behind a screen. These include:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Mental stress
  • Visual fatigue

A survey found that headaches (52%), eye discomfort (58%), and neck pain (47%) were particularly common symptoms, with back (37%) and shoulder (39%) pain not lagging too far behind.

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Display Screen Equipment Training at Cambridge Safety

This course is perfect for anyone who manages employees that work with computers for prolonged periods of time. Essentially, anyone who works in human resources or management can benefit from the DSE training. It’s also worth completing if you’re looking to change careers and want to give your CV a bit of a boost.
If you do not have a trained, competent DSE assessor we are able to complete in-depth display screen equipment training. This will show trainees how to factor in any pre-existing ill-health conditions, how to correctly set-up the work station, the effects of work patterns, and how to check that every workstation meets the requirements of the schedule associated with the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.
Our highly-trained staff are all about making this routine health and safety procedure an engaging and inspiring learning experience.

This course is taught with presentations and there will be plenty of chances to ask questions and put what you’ve learnt into practice. There can be a short written test at the end to confirm that trainees have not only attended but also understood the main issues.

Our in-house training will include company DSE procedures and use your forms if you have them. Alternatively, we will provide template forms which can be used and copied for future use.

We can offer in-house assessor courses, run at either your premises or from our training centre in Peterborough for a maximum of six delegates. The number of delegates for this type, of course, is restricted to ensure effective interactions with the tutor.

Course Content

  • Course introduction – this will provide the key aims and objectives and introduce legal issues.
  • Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 - this will look at the laws surrounding DSE and what your obligations are as an employer.
  • Office-related issues and hazards - throughout the course you will learn about the possible injuries associated with DSE use in the workplace.
  • What is DSE?
  • Minimum standards for equipment
  • Setting up a workstation
  • Practical Workstation assessments
  • Recording requirements
  • Suitable adjustments
  • How users can help themselves
  • Course Summary and assessment

Why Choose Cambridge Safety?

  • Experienced trainers - we have over 22 years of experience in delivering engaging health and Safety training.
  • Tailored training - we’ll tailor our in-house DSE training to suit your business or organisation.
  • High-quality training - we focus on providing higher quality training that is not only informative but also engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our FAQs below. Still can't find the answer to your question? Visit our FAQ page or get in touch with us today.

Yes, we also provide the DSE assessor training at our facility in Peterborough. Contact us today to enquire.

If you manage a team of remote workers, you may be wondering if the DSE assessments still apply. According to the Health and Safety Executive, employers are not obligated to carry out DSE assessments if work from home is a temporary set-up. However, if this is a more permanent solution then the employer still has the same health and safety responsibilities as if they were working in the office, so it’s important to keep completing routine DSE assessments.

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