Health And Safety Leadership For Senior Managers

This one-day in-house course, suitable for a maximum of 8 delegates, is designed to help and prepare supervisors, team leaders and managers to meet their personal health and safety responsibilities. By doing so, it also aims to ensure that the organisation meets its obligations as well.

But that’s not all. The Nebosh H&S Leadership Excellence could help your business:

  • Decrease accident rates, absence and sick leave
  • Boost productivity and profits
  • Improve its reputation within the industry
  • Reduce insurance premiums

When run in-house, we can add short sessions on the key hazards within the organisation, along with covering any organisation-specific procedures and policies as long as these are provided in advance. The minimum session length is one day but the course can be expanded to meet the range of topics required.

Who is the course for?

The Nebosh H&S Leadership Excellence is aimed at senior managers and those in leadership positions. From managers to supervisors and team leaders, the Nebosh H&S Leadership Excellence teaches delegates essential health and safety practices, enabling them to help drive improvements in safety across their organisation.

Managers who take the course will gain a solid understanding of good health and safety practice, learn how to benchmark their company’s performance against others, identify steps they can take to improve health and safety within their organisation and much more.

What does the course cover?

The course is a well-rounded introduction to health and safety from a manager’s perspective. It helps those in leadership positions understand and better appreciate the importance of health and safety, explaining the wider implications it can have on the business as a whole.

Topics covered include:

  • Meeting your legal obligations
  • Establishing a health and safety management system
  • Risk assessment and risk profiling
  • Accident investigation
  • The importance of monitoring standards

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An informative and interesting course, I have learned a lot and enjoyed the classroom activities. All trainers were great, helpful, enthusiastic, informative and friendly.


Richard was very informative amazing tutor for us to learn from, he was very inspiring!


Good and relevant information, Gary is an experienced and knowledgeable instructor.


An excellent course as always, I’m going to do the Environmental Diploma next


A brilliant course, Jackie is a great tutor able to gain attention and share her knowledge


Why choose us?

  • Friendly, family-run business since 1998
  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors
  • Proven track record, with pass rates for NEBOSH courses well above the national average
  • NEBOSH Gold Learning Partners
  • Courses can be tailored to suit your company’s precise requirements
  • Fully kitted out, purpose-built training centre available

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an assessment at the end of the Nebosh H&S Leadership Excellence?

No, there is no test or exam – the course is intended to be a strategic learning session to benefit managers and company leaders.

Where does the course take place and how much does it cost?

It can take place either at our purpose-built facility in Peterborough or at your own premises. Please contact us for prices or complete the form above.

How can this course help my business?

The course can help your business become safer overall, as it educates managers on best practices and shows them how to benchmark the company’s performance. In turn, improved health and safety can improve employee wellbeing and even help boost profits.

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