In-House Nebosh Courses

At Cambridge Safety, we are accredited to deliver a range of in-house NEBOSH Award courses for five or more delegates at a time.

The courses outlined below take between one and three days to complete, and are followed up by an online assessment. On completion of the assessment, delegates will be awarded with a NEBOSH qualification.

Like our other in-house courses, the NEBOSH lessons can be delivered either at our purpose-built training centre in Peterborough or at your very own premises – all you need is a suitably-sized conference or training room for us to use.

Whilst we have to run these courses following the NEBOSH syllabus, we can supplement this information with your organisation’s policies and procedures – and even extend the course for an additional day if you want us to go into greater depth on any specific topics.

Do you have five or more employees in your business you’d like to train? Learn more about our in-house NEBOSH courses in Peterborough below.

Why choose a NEBOSH course?

NEBOSH (The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) is a leading global organisation which provides health, safety and environmental qualifications. Their internationally recognised qualifications help to raise the competence of safety and environmental professionals, and cover a range of topics for delegates of all levels, from employees to senior managers.

NEBOSH qualifications are highly respected by businesses, governments, employers and individual learners themselves. The organisation is very proud of their achievements promoting health, safety and environmental issues within the UK and globally.

They are most proud though of the impact their work is having: helping to save lives and protect others from life-changing injuries and ill health around the world.

Since their inception in 1979, over 400,000 people from around the world have gained a NEBOSH qualification – and tens of thousands more take their assessments every year.

As a UK Gold Learning Partner, Cambridge Safety is perfectly equipped to help your team join that growing number. We have pass rates well above the national average.

Our award-level in-house courses

Senior managers, leaders and directors’ support and involvement in health and safety management is essential.

This course, jointly designed by NEBOSH and the HSE, helps leaders become better influencers of health and safety in their business. It explains the moral, legal and financial incentives to implement good health and safety leadership, discusses leadership styles and how they influence health and safety culture, covers building better relationships at work, and how to use the HSE model for effective health and safety leadership.

The assessment is completed throughout the day in stages, with guidance provided, and is based on reflective statements which are designed to raise delegates’ awareness of how their knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviour may have both positive and negative effects on the health and safety performance of their organisation.

Developed with the HSE, this one-day course teaches delegates the fundamental process of identifying hazards, how to assess risk using the HSE tools, how to evaluate risk and how to implement control measures.

Suitable for anyone involved in the risk assessment process, it can also be used as a refresher, help to broaden their skill set or go towards their CPD.

For any organisation taking its Environmental Management responsibilities seriously, this is a great course to introduce all employees to the basic concepts of environmental hazards and risk management.

The course covers environmental terminology, the benefits of sustainable development, the main components of an EMS (Environmental Management System), provides an overview of aspect and impact assessments and a range of environmental hazards (like water pollution and waste).

The assessment is a multiple-choice question paper, accessed online after the course date (the date will be arranged at the same time as booking the course date).

A practical assessment is completed at the end of this one-day qualification. Delegates will be asked to watch a video of a real workplace and complete a risk assessment to identify how they would manage and prioritise the risks present.

Manual handling causes over a third of all UK workplace injuries and can only be reduced if a suitable and sufficient risk assessment has been carried out beforehand. NEBOSH have teamed up with the HSE to develop this course using the HSE’s best practice guidance and tools.

The course covers the principles of manual handling, understanding and identifying the range of hazards and control measures to reduce or remove the risk of injuries.

A practical assessment is completed at the end of the course. After watching a video of a manual handling activity in a workplace, delegates will be asked to assess it using HSE tools and templates.

Co-developed with the HSE, this one-day course focuses on accident causation and the investigation process. Delegates will learn the fundamental process of incident investigation, with the goals being to identify causes of incidents and near misses, to prevent further occurrences in the future and to make the workplace a safer place for all.

This is a great course for delegates who already have some formal health and safety training and have responsibilities with workplace accident investigation. It can either give them a new set of skills, act as a refresher or go towards their CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

The assessment is conducted at the end of day; delegates are shown videos of witness interviews with supporting evidence and then complete assessments and action plans.

The perfect introduction to health and safety, ideal for anyone new to the field and those who have not yet undertaken a formal qualification. A great course for employees, team leaders, supervisors and H&S representatives.

Updated in 2022, the course covers the foundations of health and safety, legal requirements, roles and responsibilities, incident investigation, risk assessment and a range of common workplace hazards.

This course incorporates a workplace assessment, which the delegates carry out using the template form we provide, alongside guidance documents and a briefing during the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are NEBOSH courses suitable for?

NEBOSH’s range of courses are suitable for a wide variety of individuals, from those with no prior health and safety experience to those looking for a refresher course. Our in-house courses are perfect for groups of between 4 and 12.

Where are these courses delivered?

They can be delivered either at our own Peterborough-based premises or at your own headquarters, provided you have a suitable training room for us to use.

Are your in-house NEBOSH courses assessed?

Yes, all of our NEBOSH courses conclude with an assessment, though the nature of this assessment differs from course to course. On successful completion of the assessment, each delegate will receive a certificate as evidence of their achievement in the post.

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An informative and interesting course, I have learned a lot and enjoyed the classroom activities. All trainers were great, helpful, enthusiastic, informative and friendly.


Richard was very informative amazing tutor for us to learn from, he was very inspiring!


Good and relevant information, Gary is an experienced and knowledgeable instructor.


An excellent course as always, I’m going to do the Environmental Diploma next


A brilliant course, Jackie is a great tutor able to gain attention and share her knowledge


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