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Effective communication and presentational skills are becoming an increasingly important part of any health, safety and environmental practitioner’s role. Owing to this reason, health and safety officer courses are offered to the trainers for their personal growth as well as professional development.  

Influencing employees, managers and those at the top of the organisation is essential to enable the development of positive organisations cultures, where environmental and health and safety officer courses are seen as a key part of the corporate objectives rather than an add-on option. 

We have developed a range of training courses designed to develop the skills of those who need to influence and train others within their organisation. These include the comprehensive Preparing to Present and Tutor programme which covers the entire life cycle of a training package, from establishing a training need to reviewing a completed training session.

In addition, we have a number of shorter programmes focusing on one or more specific aspects of health and safety and enabling employees to teach others the fundamentals.

Feel free to contact us and get your queries answered regarding the train the trainer health and safety courses. 

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