Display Screen Equipment - Train the Assessor

There is a legal requirement for those using computers as part of their normal work activity to have their workstations assessed and to receive training on how to set up their workstations correctly.

This course is designed to train assessors to completed DSE assessments, as well as giving them sufficient skills and material to run short in-house sessions on the correct and safe use of display screen equipment for employees.

Session overview

- What is a VDU or DSE?
- The requirements of the Display Screen Equipment Regs
- Who is a “user”?
- Possible Health Effects & Contributing Factors
- Suitable and Sufficient Assessment
- Minimum Standards for Equipment
- Workplace issues
- Practical Workstation Assessments
- How users can help themselves
- The need for Training
- Introducing the principles of effective presentational techniques
- Developing a Practical DSE training session
- Key components
- Managing the group
- Achieving your aims and objectives

This programme is run in-house on your site or at our Hampton premises.

Contact us on 01733 865695 for a quotation and sample agenda for this course which is currently available for in-house sessions if you have a number of delegates who need to be trained.

Need help? Call us direct on 01733 865 695

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“Thank you for your time and effort over the past few months. Your experience, materials, fantastic facilities and all the small touches I feel really made the course both educational and enjoyable.”

- Steve


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