NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Skills

This course is an introduction to Environmental Management within the workplace, assessed by a short multiple choice assessment set by NEBOSH. The successful completion leads to NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Award. This course provides an excellent introduction to the principles of environment management, plus specific environment concerns such as noise, waste, water, energy and emergency procedures.

Environmental Legislation is constantly evolving and requires a whole team approach to ensure compliance and avoid fines, prosecutions and civil claims. There are also many financial benefits to an organisation which manages their environmental impacts effectively through cost saving, increased PR and gaining contracts.

What does the course cover?

The course is held over a minimum of one day but it can be tailor made to suit your organisation for up to 3 days to cover more detail on topics relevant to your company.

  • The meaning of: the environment; weather; climate; habitats; eco-systems;
    bio-diversity; pollution; sustainability
  • The importance and benefits of sustainable development
  • Environmental management system’s main components and the certification process
  • Principles and practice of impact (risk) assessments
  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Environmental noise
  • Waste
  • Environmental Emergencies

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is designed to provide a good introduction to environmental issues and is suitable for employees of all levels, with employees, supervisors and senior managers all benefiting from this broad based but comprehensive programme. It has a multiple choice end assessment making it suitable for those with differing learning abilities and language skills.

We can run this course for 4-12 employees and will need a minimum of six weeks notice to register the assessment with Nebosh.

Delegates are provided with a course book to support the tutorials and to act as a useful reference guide when back in the workplace.



An informative and interesting course, I have learned a lot and enjoyed the classroom activities. All trainers were great, helpful, enthusiastic, informative and friendly.


Richard was very informative amazing tutor for us to learn from, he was very inspiring!


Good and relevant information, Gary is an experienced and knowledgeable instructor.


An excellent course as always, I’m going to do the Environmental Diploma next


A brilliant course, Jackie is a great tutor able to gain attention and share her knowledge


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