Setting Your Health And Safety Policy

If the stated target for an organisation is simply to meet legislative requirements, then failure to meet the organisational aims means, by definition, that the law is also being breached. However, if the organisation sets a target for performance above the legal minimum, then shortfall in performance (which is fairly likely in the early days of operating such a system) is less likely to lead to breach of statute

In relation to health & safety risks to persons other than employees, the policy should demonstrate that the organisation is concerned about the total impact of its undertaking, insofar as it affects not only its own employees, but also workers in co-operating undertakings, contractors, visitors and the public at large. Such statements of social responsibility should be common to all aspects of the organisation’s impacts, including environmental, employment of overseas labour etc.

Planning is essential for the implementation of health and safety policies. Adequate control of risk can only be achieved through coordinated action by all members of the organisation. An effective system for health and safety management requires organisations to plan to:

  • control risks;
  • react to changing demands;
  • sustain positive health and safety attitudes and behaviours.

Effective planning is concerned with prevention through identifying and controlling risks. This is especially important when dealing with health risks that may only become apparent after a long period of time.

In addition to setting your policy, planning should include steps to ensure legal compliance and procedures for dealing with emergency situations. It should involve people throughout the organisation.

Watch our YouTube Video Take Five Minutes for H&S Management (HSG65).

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